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We Create

with what's already there

We approach all design phases from multiple perspectives. Within our multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers, we believe in a critical dialogue throughout the entire design process.


From Abandoned Data-Center

to Sustainable Student Housing

A net-positive transformation of an old data centre into housing for students and young professionals.


From Vacant Office Building to Sustainable Starter Housing

Award winning project through the implementation and validation of its modular design, sustainable performance & engineering solutions into a full scale prototype, showcasing how future dwellings could look like.


Tiny House

Tiny-er Footprint

A home with the intention to be more connected with nature and to reduce its carbon footprint.

OLVK Voorburg_00.jpg

From abandoned church to eco-friendly and energy efficient DIY apartments

The transformation of this early 20th century church in Voorburg through our net-positive strategy and solar roof design.

Illustration for website-01.png

Climate adaptation of Dutch row-house gardens

Implementation of future-proof solutions for existing stock of standard 70's row-houses.

45 (1).jpg

From industrial brownfield to the new innovation heart of Apeldoorn

More details about the project coming soon...


Ex-Kazernekwartier Crailo transformation to new eco-neighborhood

More details about the project coming soon...


From church to new cultural hub for the south of Utrecht

More details about the project coming soon...


Family housing and sustainable area development in Saint-Nazaire, France

More details about the project coming soon...

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