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Off-grid vineyard clubhouse

A sustainability landmark in Capelle aan den Ijssel



MOR Studio




2022-2024 (ongoing)


Capelle aan den Ijsel, the Netherlands



An off-grid, bio-based meeting spot for South Holland's first city vineyard.


Stichiting Sjatoo010

A house for a vineyard, wrapped in cork

A Dutch vineyard sounds like a paradox. But in Capelle aan den Ijssel, next to Rotterdam, more than 1200 vines in different grap varieties are becoming a success: in the summer of 2022, the Sjatoo010 foundation bottled the first test batch of wine.


And as the vineyard grew. so did the need for storage and meeting space. The idea was born: "a home for Sjatoo010".

2022.03.03_Toolshed Sjatoo 010_ Presentatie schetsontwerp.png


For the architectural concept we followed three main principles: 

  1. Blend into the slope: We integrated the whole building volume into the slope. The sloping green roof blends into the slope. The materials look natural and sober, while the form is clean and pronounced.

  2. Flexible space: The design consists of one central space, with an open plan. Activities in the vineyard vary by season and day: harvesting grapes, having lunch with a group, presentations and community gatherings.

  3. The best view: We capture the best view by facing east and west, where the vineyard can be seen. The south-facing windows are kept narrow, to prevent overheating.


For this unique project, we used a net-positive approach and experimented in different ways:

Materials: The timber structure is clad in cork, an unusual facade material with insulating and water-tightening properties. 

Water: Rainwater will be collected and used to water the vines during the dry season.

Energy: Photovoltaic panels will generate energy, stored in a non-toxic saltwater battery. 

Biomass: A "bee chimney" for four bee hives is designed at the back of the building, enhancing biodiversity, at a safe distance from humans. 

Air: The construction is designed to be 90% prefabricated, significantly reducing on-site emissions.


South Holland’s largest city-vineyard has lots of volunteers, bees, and tools, and soon will have a home for its community.


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