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Designing with less, is MOR

We Design
Net-Positive Buildings

We believe buildings can give back more to their surroundings than they take away from it.

Net-Positivity is our approach to push for maximum sustainability. Focused on 5 elements, we develop specific site-based strategies for each project leading towards a regenerative design for the building and environment around it.

5 Net+ strategies provide the foundation to each of our projects.




We transform vacant or underperforming buildings into green assets.

The challenge: the high demand for housing and the increased vacancy rates in underperforming buildings.

The solution: transformation!


We provide transformation scans, transformation designs and a network of experts in the field of transforming buildings.


Why transform?

Future-proof. 70% less CO2 emissions vs new build.

Profitable. We have tested and proved the business case through our projects.

There is enough room. 10% of offices are empty (CBS 2002) and 70% of these can be transformed into apartments.

Image by Dylan Gillis

Empty or underperforming building? Check out what's possible!

Book a call with us to kick-start your project!

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