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Designing with less, is MOR

We Design
Net-Positive Buildings

Buildings that give back to their surrounding more than

they take away from it. Sounds cool, right? 

At MOR Studio we have developed an approach, called Net-Positivity, that we always use to kickstart the project.


By scanning the building site through 5 different lenses, we are able to develop strategies that lead towards a regenerative design for the building and environment around it.




We partner with developers, investors, and owners to transform vacant or underperforming buildings into sustainable landmarks.


Why transform?

1. Carbon-friendly. Approx. 35% less CO2 emissions vs new build

(California State University, 2022).

2. Up to 30% cheaper than new-build (Gensler, 2023).

3. Energy retrofit of outdated buildings can increases their real estate value by 20-25% (IEA, 2023).

Interested? Check our process below!

Image by Dylan Gillis

Empty or underperforming building? Check out what's possible!

Book a call with us to kick-start your project!

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