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We Innovate

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Low and High-Tech Innovation

Making sustainability affordable requires the building industry to think about new technologies combined with new business cases. Research in innovative building solutions drives our designs.

An architects manual for reducing the carbon footprint in designs


A research report from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) offering strategies on sustainable design implementations to reduce CO2 emissions in new designs, making use of several tools to quantify the impact


Our Common Guide

A multidisciplinary innovation project working towards an ideal built environment: affordable and friendly.  A learning building system is being developed with various frontrunners in the construction sector, in which the making and development process is approached in a co-creative, transparent and fun way


Digital Twin

Providing real-time data of a building through sensors, displayed in an app allows for instant overview on the performance of the building, leading to improvements in its sustainability and costs.

Point Cloud

In order to transform an existing building, the right tools are needed, especially the ones that can help you understand how a building is built.

A Point Cloud is a tool used to scan existing buildings. It helps see geometries and situations not visible to the eye and can have a large impact on the design process early on.

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For buildings to be future-proof, they must be able to adapt to the change of demands of the users in the future. Modularity allows for buildings to be flexible to change.

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