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Our Journey

MOR Studio is the continuation of the

award-winning student team, MOR Team TU Delft.

Through designing and building our first pilot, 

the MOR Pavilion, we proved that Net-positivity

can become reality.  

Now, with a foundation in sustainability

and a focus on repurposing existing spaces,

we bring fresh perspectives to the world of architecture and engineering. 

We are here to help, we are here to stay!

MOR Studio - Group Photos-7.jpg

Meet the team

MOR Studio - Portraits-36.jpg
MOR Studio - Portraits-31.jpg

Anna Tsagkalou



MSc Architecture, NTUA, Greece

MSc Building Technology, TU Delft, Netherlands

Margot Holländer


Sustainability Engineer

MSc Building Technology, TU Delft, Netherlands

MOR Studio - Portraits-19-2 2.jpg

Kosmas Spanidis


Urbanism & Real Estate

MSc Urban Planning and Development, AUTh, Greece

MSc MBE, TU Delft, Netherlands

MOR Studio - Portraits-54_edited_edited_

Geeske Jansonius


Circular architecture

BSc Architecture and Constrution Engineering,

HZ, Netherlands


MOR Studio was established in 2020 by 7 people

with a passion for sustainability.​

We want to thank Aurélie Griveaux, Francisco Muñoz, Merijn Braam & Siem van Sluijs for being part of this journey!

Our projects also
came to life thanks to:

Contact Details

Willem Buytewechstraat 45,

3024 BK Rotterdam

+31 6 34 05 94 90

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