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A “super sustainable house"

From a vacant office to net-positive apartments

for starters, with a future-proof concept.


Szentendre, Hungary, July 2019.


MOR Studio




2017-2019, built


Delft, the Netherlands




Prototype showcasing the transformation of a vacant office tower (Marconi Towers) into starter housing. 

Commercial and community spaces, rooftop urban farming. 

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The Solar Decathlon Competition

The MOR project was realised in 2019, for the

Solar Decathlon Europe Competition.

MOR Team TU Delft consisted of a group of 40+ TU Delft students from 8 different faculties and 20 different nationalities, all sharing a passion for sustainability.


MOR's innovative and feasible solutions sent the team to the podium in 8 out of the 10 contest categories, setting a world record and rewarding the team with the 2nd overall prize.


Design Concept

The apartment can expand and adapt to the lifestyle of its users.

MOR stands for Modular Office Renovation. It translates the mission of the team: to transform under-performing office buildings into net-positive buildings. This goal was guided by the principles of modularity and circularity.

MOR implemented and validated its modular design & engineering solutions into a full scale prototype, showcasing how future dwellings could look like.

The prototype resembles a cutout of the iconic Marconi Towers, located in the M4H district in Rotterdam. The towers represent a typical office building, built in the 1970s, in the well-known "international style".

The prototype apartment that was built is meant to accommodate two people, in a 75m2 space, including a winter garden. The layout suits the young professionals' lifestyle, who tend to work from home more and more. The space can easily adapt: from a flexible working space to individual bedrooms at night, thanks to sliding walls and foldable beds.

Passive design

The living space can also be expanded to the winter garden, which plays a vital role in the apartment's technical performance. The garden pre-heats and pre-cools air, but also filters it. This ensures great indoor comfort conditions and a low energy demand.


The winter garden of

the MOR prototype

The prototype built by the MOR team is currently standing at the Green Village, TU Delft.

Take a look at the MOR team's website if you would like to learn more about the project.

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