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From abandoned
to Net-Positive buildings

We are an architecture studio
that transforms vacant buildings
into sustainable living environments.

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We want to unlock the potential
of underperforming buildings in Europe by transforming them into sustainable environments for all.

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Duuzaam wonen

Architects of 

We unlock the full potential of under-performing  and abandoned buildings with a focus on using what's already there. 

We rethink the way we design from an early stage through the use of high-tech and low-tech innovations.

We design consciously for the existing local communities but also the future generations.

We constantly explore ways to close both biological and technological loops, while integrating reclaimed materials in our designs.


From Abandoned Data Center to Sustainable Housing

Transformation of a vacant data center into 206 apartments for students in Utrecht, saving more than 1100 tons of CO2.
Circulair gebouw

Marconi Towers, Rotterdam Modular Office Renovation

From a vacant office to net-positive apartments for starters,

with a future-proof concept.

Duurzaam verbouw
Circulair ontwerp

Tiny House
iny-er Footprint

An easy-to-construct DIY tiny house in Groningen made from second-hand materials and shaped around the needs of its inhabitants.

We work with

Our partners are key to the success of a sustainable built environment.
Without them, we wouldn't be able to change the way buildings are designed. 

Are you looking for a sustainability partner? Contact us below!


Reach out

T: 06-34059490

Visit us

Willem Buytewechstraat 45, 3024BK, Rotterdam

A holistic approach that promotes the regeneration of natural resources in buildings.

We use Net+ metrics to asses the existing state of a building
and aim for the highest positive environmental impact possible.

Net-Positivity sustainable design

Produce more energy than consumed

Bring back more biodiversity & fertile soil

Keep materials in closed technological and biological loops

Better air quality than before construction

Circular (rain)water management

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